“I have yet to meet a child who enjoys misbehaving. Rather, I see a child who is working to communicate a message about an unmet need in increasingly desperate and extreme ways”

(Dr Vanessa Lapointe)

At Shine Through, our qualified integrative child and adolescent counsellors are experienced in working with children and teenagers with a range of issues, anxieties and difficulties which will often present as behavioural issues. Our integrative training means that we have a number of modalities on which to draw upon and think from. Whilst teenagers and some children may be comfortable talking about their worries and concerns and will use their sessions in this way, others may not find communicating quite so easy. We provide and offer our young clients, a wide range of creative materials. Research, and out own experience has shown us that the arts, toys, sand tray and collage work etc are a way in and a means through which the young person may gain understanding and a way in which to communicate when words are hard or even impossible to find.

Some of the ways we work include:- play/art therapy, sand tray work, CBT and talk therapy.

Some of the issues we can work with are:-

  • Anxiety and depression (panic attacks)

  • Self harm/eating disorders

  • Loss and bereavement

  • Learning difficulties

  • ASD

  • Post traumatic stress

  • Extreme anger

  • Cultural issues

  • Sexuality

  • Relationship difficulties

  • Abuse