“One small crack does not mean that you are broken, it means that you were put to the test and you didn’t fall apart”. 
(Linda Poindexter)

At Shine Through Counselling we understand that life won’t always run smoothly for our children and teenagers. For many reasons young people can find themselves struggling with issues that affect their self-esteem and emerging sense of self. The ever increasing expectations and pressures to fit in mean that young people are increasingly experiencing feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression. We do know however that with the right help and well chosen interventions, young people can acquire self knowledge and strategies that enable them to shine through and flourish.


A way in,

to find a way-


We provide a safe and confidential space in which children, adolescents and their parents/carers may express and gain understanding of their concerns and issues. Our integrated approach means that the therapy can be adapted and tailored to fit each individual and their particular need.


Play, A child’s first language

We provide a range of creative mediums that enable children and young people to explore and make sense of their inner and outer worlds. The therapist facilitates this process through the therapeutic relationship she builds with the child/young person.


parent & child therapy

When there are relational difficulties within the family we often recommend working with parents first. In this way issues may be addressed holistically and a partnership formed with the parents to enable the best way of working in the future for the best outcome. This may be parenting work or work together with both parent and child together.

We can offer schools a counselling package which we are happy to discuss with you.


Adult Counselling

When life feels difficult and feelings overwhelming, it can be helpful to find support through the confidential and empathic space our counsellor provides. Through the exploration that takes place in a therapeutic relationship it may be possible to gain a deeper understanding of the impact that emotions are having in present life and relationships. Such self knowledge can bring about positive changes for a brighter and more fulfilling future.